Do you know the person you are considering hiring? 

There is only so much information that can be gathered by reading a resume, conducting an interview, and ordering a background check.  Until recent years, these were the only options employers had to determine if the individual they were considering hiring was a “good fit” for the company.  With the advancements in technology and the influx of social media sites, we now can get a relatively clear view into who people actually are.

The majority of people today have a strong online presence that can show their true colors.   While most employers know about sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, there are many more places on the internet that can provide additional insight into the capabilities and character of the potential employee that is under consideration.

We have seen in recent months many high-profile pseudo-celebrities that have come to light with some shocking secrets.  We have seen the fall of Jared, as well as the 19 Kids and Counting debacle.  Both of these incidents could have possibly been brought to light much sooner and saved both companies the embarrassment of public scrutiny.  The vetting process is invaluable in today’s day and age.

What information could be found?

Since all social media sites offer different options, and different ways of socializing, the information can be extremely revealing.  Although a simple Google search might provide employers with some information, hiring a vetting service can provide so much more.  Our staff has been trained to properly search ALL areas of the internet to bring to you, our clients, the most pertinent information so you can make an informed decision.  With social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram, the truth just starts to reveal itself.  The information found can be extremely revealing, and can include racist remarks, political agendas, prior work ethics, questionable relationships, as well as questionable online practices.  In the past we have uncovered some mind-boggling facts that have helped companies just like yours avoid certain catastrophes.

Make social media vetting part of your formal policy

Every employer should have a formal policy in place that includes online social media vetting and should abide by it.  The policy should state what information the employer is looking for, what sites will be investigated, as well as how often employees will be vetted.  All vetting jobs should be done by a third party in order to avoid any discrimination.

Rules regarding vetting potential employees

The laws revolved around social media vetting change frequently and are constantly evolving.  We suggest you personally speak with legal counsel to insure that all laws are followed properly before proceeding with the vetting process.  It is mandatory for all employers to notify potential employees of the vetting investigation, as well as get a signed document releasing the company of any liability.

Our company was doing a promotional giveaway and we had to vet all the final contestants. We were so happy we chose KMS Cyber Forensics as our social media vetting service. One of the final contestants ended up having a very shady life and would have made our company look really bad. From now on we will be vetting everyone and using KMS Cyber Forensics to do so.