Cyber Vetting FAQ

What is cyber-vetting?

Cyber vetting is a search of all “open source information”.  Open sourced information is anything and everything that is public access on the internet and can include, but is not limited to, search engines and popular social media websites like Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, Google +, Instagram, Snap-Chat, YouTube, and Pinterest.

When is cyber-vetting necessary?

Cyber vetting is necessary when hiring new employees as well as performing annual searches of current employees. Cyber vetting should be an  extension of your normal background investigation process and a part of the applicant review stage, after the initial assessment, and after the initial background check.

Can we run our own cyber vetting investigation?

Cyber vetting is useless unless it is used effectively and therefore should be conducted by a professional cyber vetting company.  It is important to hire a company that is trained in the computer forensic field.

What are the dangers of cyber vetting?

There are some things an employer must be aware of prior to initiating an online investigation.  The employer can ask the potential employee for social media sites he/she uses, however, cannot ask for passwords associated with those accounts.  To ask for a users password violates the Federal Stored Communications Act. (

What is Notice & Consent?

It is important to notify all applicants about the cyber vetting process if the investigation is done by a third party.  Giving the applicant the opportunity to decide about the use and collection of their personal information may allow them to opt out of the hiring process, however, all information that is online, is PUBLIC and falls out of this scope.