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Here at KMS Cyber Forensics we understand how important properly vetting future employees is to you, our client.  We have a team of experts who are willing to help.  With the influx of social media sites, it is imperative to know how, and where to look for formation that could be critical to your public interest.

KMS Cyber Forensics Tips For Vetting Employees

When considering hiring potential employees, it is imperative to conduct a thorough vetting process.  Conducting a proper background check is not only beneficial to the employer, however, also beneficial to other employees as well as customers.  Recent studies have shown that nearly half of all corporate officers believe their companies conduct inadequate background checks and even less are involved in conducting employee cyber vetting.  The potential risk to your company is huge and therefore cyber vetting should be at the top of the list while hiring new employees.  Here at KMS Cyber Forensics, we have compiled a list of tips to help you get started.

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      • Over 15 years experience expert experience in social media cyber vetting
      • We are a team of experts in the cyber forensics field
      • We are dedicated to protect your companies business interest
      • We search ALL social media outlets to provide our clients a comprehensive report
      • 100% money back guarantee

What Client’s Say

I can’t believe what KMS found for me. I was concerned that one of my employees was spending work hours on social media, I had no clue he had a sports betting addiction. Thanks to KMS, we have begun to limit the sites that our employees can access during work hours.
I was concerned about a particualar employee that I was concidering hiring. KMS Cyber Forensics located some disturbing YouTube videos in which this particular person was the star attraction. Thanks again KMS Cyber Forensics, we will use you for all our future vetting needs.